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Winlab: who we are and what we do

Winlab manufactures custom-designed equipment and consumables for analytical and pathology laboratories for Australasian and overseas customers, and distributes an extensive range of HPLC, GC, SPE and pathology consumables.

New Product Line - Cosmosil Columns

New Product Line - GRACE Columns

Grace columns now exclusively distributed in Australia by Winlab Pty Ltd.

Hichrom Limited has recently acquired, from Grace, the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the following analytical HPLC column ranges: 
VYDAC®, ALLTIMA®, ALLTIMA® HP, PREVAIL™, APOLLO™, ALLSEP®, APEX™ and GENESIS™ HPLC column ranges acquired 2016.

New Product Line - SHODEX by Showa Denko

Winlab supplies the Shodex range of columns from Showa Denko. Email sales@winlab.com.au for a comprehensive catalogue to be emailed to you.

Winlab Pathology

Winlab scientific equipment and consumables are used in many medical, research and analytical pathology laboratories, and include cover slipping, staining and cytocentrifuging machines, replacement parts and accessories.

We like to close the loop and manufacture purely our own developments:
Design it, Make it and Sell it. That’s what we do best: best for us, and best for our Customers.

New Product:

Winlab's Large Slides Rack Insert is ideal for Automated Whole Organ, and multi-slide tissue staining on your regular machine. Fits our 20 and 30 slide racks, used in many brands of histology and cyto machines.

Staining/coverslipping Racks and Carriers for most histology and cyto-machines.

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How to order

Email sales@winlab.com.au   

We accept Purchase Orders from Medical Institutions, Hospitals, Pathology Laboratories and Universities.
Net 30 day payment agreement.

Email Purchase Orders: sales@winlab.com.au

~ We ship orders by the next working day ~


  • If paying by Account for the first time: Please download and complete Customer Application for Trade Credit Account
  • Pay with a credit or debit card through PayPal’s secure site. Just inform our Sales staff and they will issue an invoice - as soon as it is paid your goods will be dispatched.

Payment of Winlab Invoices:

Tell us when you order that you want to pay by credit card:


Cards accepted: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Supplies Australia & New Zealand with the largest range of HPLC & GC columns since 2000.
Largest Range, Best Prices and Fastest Delivery Always

New Development:

Partisil; and Partisphere; HPLC Column Range Acquired by Hichrom Limited
Hichrom Limited are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Partisil® and Partisphere® HPLC column consumable product line from Whatman, a division of GE Healthcare.


ACE C18-Amide: a uniquely designed Stationary phase offering enhanced retention of polar compounds with alternative selectivity to C18 based products.
* Alternative selectivity to C18 and C8 columns with polar molecules – especially for acids.
* Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases – UHPLC, HPLC and preparative separations.
* Low bleed for UV and LC/MS compatibility

Recommended Applications:
L60 Small water soluble analytes and polar compounds;
H-bond donors, acids, bases and phenolic compounds;
Small peptides
ACE C18-Amide combines a C18 with a polar amide group on a single ligand. Extended spacer technology additionally provides extended column lifetime.

ACE® Excel UHPLC Columns
Designed to take full advantage of low dispersion, ultra-high pressure UPLC® and UHPLC instruments, the introduction of ACE® ExcelTM UHPLC columns gives chromatographers more choices to achieve better results. Ultra robust columns – Unique phases – High efficiency 2μm particles.

ACE Super C18 Ultra-Inert UHPLC/HPLC offer excellent stability across an extended pH range (pH 1.5 to 11.5), allowing chromatographers to routinely exploit beneficial selectivity changes at low, intermediate and high pH. ACE SuperC18 columns can be used with both MeOH and MeCN mobile phases and offer rapid column equilibration without memory effects.

ACE C18-PFP: Explore the Advantages of a unique C18 bonded HPLC column with the extra selectivity of a pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase.
Combines C18 and PFP mechanisms to separate mixtures not possible with either phase alone.

ACE C18-AR phase utilises a specially developed ligand combining a C18 chain with integral phenyl functionality, thus combining the benefits of both C18 and Phenyl characteristics into a single phase. Based upon the same ultra inert, ultra pure, ultra reproducible silica platform as ACE C18, the unique ACE C18-AR phase provides an alternate selectivity to C18 columns.



* Machines
* Centrifuge Funnels
* Centrifuge Filter Papers
* Filter Funnels
* Slide Racks & Carriers (Hangers)


ACEChiralChromtechCosmosilDaicelDevelosilHichrom & Grace-HichromHypersil - InertSearch - InertsilKromasilLiChrosorbLiChrospherMacherey-NagelPartisilPartisphere TitansphereSepaxShinwaShowa Denko (Shodex)Waters Spherisorb ®UltrasphereZorbax
* USP Column Selection


* Plunger Pumps
* Valves
* Degassing Units
* Liquid Level Sensors
* Plumbing (Fittings, Joints, Tubing)


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