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Winlab Slide Racks are longer lasting racks with ultra high temperature and high solvent resistance.


Automated whole organ and multi-slide tissue staining on your regular machine with the Winlab Large Slide Insert

Our Large Slide Rack Inserts reconfigure your staining machine to process large tissues samples, and whole organ sections, while simultaneously processing standard slides, increasing production capacity, and larger diagnostic samples.

Suitable for all staining machine racks and machines.

To Order, or get a Quote:

Email customerservice@winlabscientific.com or

Phone +61 413 331 537 or +61 7 3255 1209

We accept Purchase Orders from Medical Institutions, Hospitals, Pathology Laboratories, Research Institutes and Universities within the United States and Canada. .

Email Purchase Orders: customerservice@winlabscientific.com

~ Orders are shipped by the next working day following payment

Payment of Invoices:

Winlab accepts payments by PayPal.