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Alternative Selectivity Phases for Successful HILIC Separations

HILIC can be helpful for the retention and separation of many polar analytes. Advanced Chromatography Technologies have developed three alternative selectivity HILIC stationary phases to help you achieve the best resolution for your separation – the acidic character ACE HILIC-A phase, the basic character ACE HILIC-B phase and the neutral character ACE HILIC-N phase.

Furthermore, the ACE HILIC Method Development Kits are now available to provide you with an unrivalled screening platform for your HILIC analysis. Unbeatable value, ultra-robust ACE HILIC Method Development Kits are available in a wide range of dimensions and particle sizes, compatible with all manufacturers’ HPLC/UHPLC instruments. Each three column kit is available for the same price as a single column!

To ensure your success with ACE HILIC, take advantage of the vital FREE resources that accompany ACE HILIC columns! The ACE HILIC Method Development Guide contains 38 pages packed with a wealth of information including hints and tips for successful HILIC separations and worked examples. The ACE HILIC Step-by-Step Method Development Protocol is an A2 wall poster ideal for the laboratory wall, outlining a rational and simple to follow approach to HILIC method development.
For further information on ACE HILIC, to request your free copy of the ACE HILIC method development resources, or for information on any ACE product please contact us at admin@winlab.com.au

* ACE HILIC = Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography

ACE Food and Beverage Applications Guide

ACE Clinical, Forensic & Bioanalysis Applications Guide

ACE Complete Applications Guide

F&BImage ClinicalACE_CompApplicGuide

Advanced Chromatography Technologies Ltd (ACE) have published three new Guides to assist Chromatographers with the selection of the best HPLC/UHPLC column and conditions for their LC methods, by providing good examples of successful separations.

ACE Complete Applications Guide, contains over 300 applications including pharmaceutical, environmental, food, beverage, clinical, forensics and bioanalysis separations. The chromatograms were produced by Advanced Chromatography Technologies and by satisified ACE customers throughout the world. Download now!!

ACE Clinical, Forensic & Bioanalysis Applications Guide, which brings together over 100 of the latest and hottest Clinical, Forensic & Bioanalysis LC & LC-MS related applications, covering over 500 analytes including drugs of abuse, thyroid hormones, catecholamines, alcohol biomarkers, disease biomarkers, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, oxysterols, defensins and hydroxychloroquine.
Download now!!


ACE Food & Beverage Applications Guide which brings together 90 of the latest and hottest food and beverage LC and LC-MS related applications from chocolate analysis to pesticide analysis, from preservatives to vitamins and from steroids to caffeine. Download now!!

Keep these two for quick reference:

ACE Column Overview and ACE Specifications Table together cover the current ACE product range.

ACE Posters presented at international conferences:

ACE Brochures and Technical Specifications


* ACE Intelligent Solutions for Method Development
ACE Method Development Kits for UHPLC / HPLC are designed to maximise selectivity – the key to resolution in chromatography. A complete range of kits for all requirements is available, including kits featuring porous, solid core and bioanalytical 300Å particle columns and also HILIC bonded phases. (20/10/2017)

* ACE Knowledge Note #0013: The Power of Stationary Phase Selectivity

* ACE 1.7µm - Ultra Robust UHPLC Column

*ACE 1.7µm - Application Notes: Alcohol Biomarkers by UHPLC - MS/MS

* ACE Knowledge Note #0012: Understanding the Relationship Between Particle Size, Performance and Pressure

* * * * *

* ACE CN-ES Combining CN polar selectivity with enhanced hydrophobicity

* ACE C18 Amide Brochure For increased polar retention and alternative selectivity

* ACE UltraCore All the proven advantages of ACE UHPLC / HPLC columns......now available with solid-core particles.

* ACE UltraCore™ Super C18 - UHPLC / HPLC Columns

Use for: Water analysis • Pharmaceutical • Environmental • Toxicology • Food safety • Clinical • Forensics • Metabolism • Trace analysis

* ACE LC/MS and Rapid Analysis HPLC Columns - Product Bulletin

* ACE Comparison Guide - to C18 Reversed Phase HPLC Columns

* ACE100Å HPLC Columns

* ACE C18 PFP Brochure

* ACE C 18-AR Brochure

* ACE Super C18 Brochure

## Application Note 1515: LC-MS Analysis of 7 Pharmaceutically Relevant Basic Analytes using ACE® SuperC18™ with Low & High pH Eluents

## Application Note 1516: Low & High pH Gradient Analysis of a Pharmaceutically Relevant Mixture using ACE® SuperC18™

## Application Note 1517: Gradient Analysis of 7 Beta Blockers using ACE® SuperC18™with High pH Eluents
* ACE Protein and Peptide

* ACE Excel Ultra Robust UHPLC Columns

* ACE Excel UHPLC Columns

* ACE Excel Fittings

* ACE UHPLC Column Connectors

* ACE Generix™

* ACE 300A wide pore columns

* Exploiting selectivity in HPLC and UHPLC

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