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Click here for Cosmosil® HPLC Column information arranged by sample type, separation mode, packing material and stationary phase.

Cosmosil® Selection Guide - C18 Columns: Winlab Pty Ltd distributes Cosmosil® HPLC columns manufactured in Japan by Nacalai Tesque.
Their products include four C18 bonded phases, and a number of unique specialty phases

Cosmosil® C18 Phases:
* Winlab Pty Ltd distributes Cosmosil® HPLC columns manufactured in Japan by Nacalai Tesque.
* Includes four C18 bonded phases, and a number of unique specialty phases.
* Select the most appropriate phase for a specific application.

Cosmosil® Chiral Series: Immobilized Polysaccharide Derivative-Based Chiral Columns

Cosmosil® Comparison with Old Type Cosmosil:
New-Type COSMOSIL (5C18-MS-II) vs. Old-Type COSMOSIL (5C18 and 5C18-MS)

Cosmosil® 2.5 HILIC: Ultra-High Performance Column for HILIC Analysis, using 2.5 μm particles

Cosmosil® 3.0mm ID Columns: for Less Solvent Consumption with Standard System

Cosmosil® 3C18-EB: Octadecyl Bonded HPLC Column - Excellent for Basic Compounds, and Suitable for Drug Analysis

Cosmosil® 5PFP: High Performance Liquid Chromatography Column.
COSMOSIL PFP provides different selectivity from C18 Columns. Furthermore, it offers improved separation compared to other companies’ PFP columns.

Cosmosil® Baseline Noise in Gradient Elution: In gradient analysis, incomplete mixing of mobile phases or impurities in water can cause baseline noise.

Cosmosil® Buckyprep PBB: HPLC Column for Fullerene Separation:
* COSMOSIL Buckyprep is a Pyrenylpropyl group bonded silica based column specifically designed for fullerene separation. COSMOSIL Buckyprep retains fullerenes very strongly with a mobile phase of 100% toluene and exceeds the injection volume of a standard C18 column by a factor of 35. Therefore, preparative scale separation can be obtained with a 4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm analytical column.
* Separation of fullerenes, especially preparative scale separation, on conventional HPLC columns is always problematic due to the low solubility and low recovery rate of fullerenes. COSMOSIL offers a variety of columns designed for preparative scale separation of fullerenes including higher fullerenes, metallofullerenes and fullerene derivatives.

Cosmosil® Buckyprep-D: HPLC Column for Derivatized Fullerene Separation
* For preparative separation of derivatized fullerenes;
* For separation of derivatized fullerenes such as C60 indene used for organic thin-film solar cell.

Cosmosil® Capillary: Column for Capillary Electrophoresis;
COSMO(+)Capillary is cationic polymer coated capillary column. Electroosmotic flow (EOF) is from the cathode (-) to the direction of the anode (+) because of the cationic polymer coating inside of the capillary column.

Cosmosil® Cosmocore Catalogue 10th edition:
* Cosmosil / Cosmogel Application has more than 7,600 applications using Cosmosil columns.
*Setting optimal HPLC experimental parameters is an important process that required experience and time.
* See the Packing Material list and the Column Selection Guide for the right column for your application.

Cosmosil® Cholester: HPLC Column for Structural Isomers
* Cholesterol bonded stationary phase;
* Increased stereoselectivity;
* Improved resolution for geometric isomers

Cosmosil® CNT: HPLC Column for Separation of Soluble Carbon Nanotubes.

Cosmosil® Cosmocore Series: Core-shell particles consist of a nonporous core inside a porous shell. By using these core-shell particles, one can achieve sharper peaks compared to fully porous silica gel particles of the same diameter.

Cosmosil® Cosmogel IEX: Ion Exchange Chromatography COSMOGEL IEX Series Columns
* Available in 3 different ion-exchange modes: Anion-exchange type, Cation-exchange type, Amphoteric ion-exchange type
* Available for 3 different application areas: for Purification, for Ultra-fast analysis, for Precise analysis
* For separation of biopolymers such as proteins or nucleic acids

Cosmosil® Cosmonice Filters: Prefiltration Tool for Liquid Chromatography
* Cosmonice Filter is able to remove the dust (microparticles, precipitates, colloid substances, and so on) from sample, to minimize adverse effects for the injection sample, to extend the life of column, and to keep the stable data: Two types – W Series (Aqueous solution) and S Series (Organic Solvents).
* Cosmospin Filter can easily remove the particles and precipitations from the sample only by using a centrifugal machine

Cosmosil® Diol-II: Gel Filtration Chromatography
* Separate large hydrophilic molecules, such as proteins, polysaccharides and nucleic acids, by molecular size.
* Reduce undesirable adsorption.
* High pressure tolerance with silica gel-based packing material.
* Different products cover a wide range of molecular weight.

Cosmosil® Fatty Acid Methylation Kits: Methyl esterification kit for fatty acids analysis.

Cosmosil® Guard Column Selection and Use:
* The use of guard columns to protect both analytical and preparative columns is highly recommended.
* COSMOSIL guard columns are packed with identical packing material to analytical and preparative columns. As a result, COSMOSIL guard columns do not affect the performance of the main column.

Cosmosil® HILIC: HPLC Column for Hydrophilic Interaction.
* Triazole bonded stationary phase;
* Enhanced hydrophilic interaction;
* Excellent separation for organic acids.

Cosmosil® Methods for Developing Mobile Phase Conditions for C18 Columns:
In reversed phase HPLC, octadecyl group bonded silica columns (C18, ODS) are the most widely employed. A proper mobile phase condition for C18 columns can be achieved by referring to publications, application notes from manufacturers, and your own experience. See here for traditional methods for developing mobile phase conditions.

Cosmosil® ODS: Reversed Phase Chromatography Octadecyl Types COSMOSIL MS-II, AR-II, PAQ.

Cosmosil® Packing Materials for Column Chromatography: Open column chromatography is an excellent and easy technique for large-scale preparation and purification at low cost.
COSMOSIL offers both normal and reversed phase packing materials based on totally porous spherical silica, which provides higher separation, less pressure and higher reproducibility than irregular silica.

Cosmosil® PBB-R: HPLC Column for Structurally Similar Compounds
* A reversed phase column with Pentabromobenzyl groups bonded silica packing material.
* This column provides unique selectivity for structurally similar compounds utilizing the dispersion force interaction. The dispersion force interaction of COSMOSIL PBB-R makes it useful for separation of structural isomers differing only by a double bond.

Cosmosil® PBr: Pentabromobenzyl Group Bonded HPLC Column
* Separate hydrophilic compounds in reversed-phase conditions
* Simple mobile phase condition compared to HILIC
* More sample loading capacity than HILIC
* Alternative selectivity to C18 column

Cosmosil® piNap: HPLC Column for Structural Isomers:
* Naphthalene bonded stationary phase
* Enhanced Π – Π interactions
* Improved selectivity for structural isomers

Cosmosil® Preparation of Mobil Phase HPLC:
* Technical Information: Organic Solvent / Aqueous Mixed Mobile Phase

Cosmosil® Protein-R: Wide Pore HPLC Column for Protein Chemistry
* A reversed phase HPLC column designed specifically for protein and peptide separation.
* Provides significantly improved peak shapes, high recovery rate and outstanding stability at low pH, which are often problematic for the separation of proteins and peptides with conventional C18-300Å and C4-300Å columns.

Cosmosil® PYE and NPE: HPLC Column for Structual Isomers
* COSMOSIL PYE (Pyrenylethyl group bonded) and COSMOSIL NPE (Nitrophenylethyl group bonded) column show unique retention characteristics based on multiple separation modes such as hydrophobic, charge transfer and π-π interactions. These
columns are recommended for the separation of structural isomers.

Cosmosil® Sample Prep: Pre-treatment before HPLC analysis is often required for samples of low concentration or samples containing analytical contaminants. It improves reproducibility and sensitivity in analysis, and protects HPLC columns. The pre-treatment methods are different for each sample.

Cosmosil® Scale Up and Scale Down: It may help to scale up or down from the most commonly used 4.6 mm I.D. columns, depending on your application.

Cosmosil® Selectivity of Packing Materials in Reversed Phase Chromatography: Reversed phase chromatography is the most commonly used method of HPLC because of its high theoretical plate number, excellent separation characteristics, reproducibility, and ease of use. Columns packed with octadecyl group-bonded silica gel (C18, ODS) are the most widely used. However, C18 columns do not provide sufficient separation for compounds similar in hydrophobicity because their main separation mechanism is the hydrophobic interaction. Using longer columns, changing mobile phases or changing temperature may improve separation. However, in many cases, it is most effective to use different packing materials which retain compounds using a secondary interaction in addition to the hydrophobic interaction.

Cosmosil® SFC Columns: Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) has become more attractive because it offers some advantages over HPLC, such as high speed, unique selectivity and environmentally friendly separations. Many conventional normal-phase stationary phases, such as diol, amino and cyano, have been used for SFC applications. However, these phases present limitations for separations. COSMOSIL SFC Columns have been developed to enhance the capability of SFC separations.

Cosmosil® SL-II: Normal Phase HPLC Column
Ultra-pure silica gel of more than 99.99% purity is used for the COSMOSIL SL-II packed column series. This column provides improved separation and reproducibility for compounds with carbonyl or phenol hydroxyl groups, which are often problematic to separate using conventional silica gel columns because of interference of metallic impurities.

Cosmosil® Special Columns: HPLC Selection Guide

Cosmosil® Sugar-D: HPLC Column for Saccharide Analysis
Conventionally aminopropyl bonded stationary phases are used for liquid chromatographic analysis of mono and oligosaccharides. General shortcomings of the conventional aminopropyl bonded phases are tailing and adsorption of certain saccharides and general low durability (short active life) of these columns. These problems are addressed and solved by the novel COSMOSIL Sugar-D, resulting in better (sharper) separation and much improved durability.

Cosmosil® / Cosmocore Technical Notes:
* Troubleshooting; and
* Technical Information

Cosmosil® Troubleshooting for Increased Pressure: Repeated analysis may increase back pressure. Continuous use of HPLC columns under excessive pressure can cause deterioration and overload of the equipment. Therefore, it is important to monitor backpressure regularly and resolve issues before they damage the system or columns.

Cosmosil® UPHC:
* Ultra-High Performance Columns with 2.5 μm particles;
* Can be used with any conventional LC systems

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